Angry Birds Backround Tower. Permission Granted to put this boy's picture down.
Digital Imaging is editing pictures to make people think its real, also known as making an alusion. But, with the power to do this, you have to be careful. Make sure you don't do this to hurt anyone. The biggest one is, respect copywrite. If you see the little C somewhere in the picture, don't copy it. 
    In the picture above I took my friends angry bird plush toys, and my other friends face, took the nose, ears, and crown of a pig and put them on his face! Using Layers, I put the two pictures together with the backround. You also have to make sure that before you put anything online, make sure you have permission first. 
    These four video's I watched were all edited. Some of them good, some not so good. These all were different because they were some in history and some in present day like the Barack Obama dancing with Sarah Palin. Some of these were not appropreit because the pic. spread and some people might have been hurt.
Mrs. Jorae
11/13/2011 07:03:42 am

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