No more sitting in classrooms for hours just taking a labtop or sitting by the computer wherever you want.  I am currently taking an online course with my teacher. 
    To be successful in an online course you have to be comited to what your doing by sitting there for an hour or more learning!

The 3 classes I think you should be interesting are:

Moddle Commons. This is a site were people post info. on things you can learn online, stuff like english, Science, and more.
2. Time 4 Writing. This is a 8 week online course for learning. Its taught by certified teachers teaching anywhere from grammer to essay's.
3. FreeByte. This is about teaching kids,teachers and anybody else that wants to learn. It teaches music leasons, resources for teachers, and even has an online library.

Mrs. Jorae
10/11/2011 15:28:20

Congratulations You have earned $300.00 of virtual money! Add this to your Google Spreadsheet Classroom Budget! Great job! Move on to the next activity!


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