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A personal network is anything that you can share information with somebody on. For example, a blog, on a video game, on a website, or facebook is a huge one. 
    We have to be really careful on what we post online or anywhere. For all you know it could end up on google and having all your friends know and complete strangers might know too. If you don't want your family to see it and only your friends to see it, don't post it, your parents can still see your post! Do the grandma check, if your grandma can see it, everybody else should be able to. 
    Many people have social networks. Stuff like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and more. Many people think these sites are adickting, and they are. People will spend hours on these and thats to much. You can though be at home and still be with friends. Personal networks are really cool, just be carful what you post! 
The Pros and Cons of a Learning Network and a personal network are:
They are both online,
You can learn from both,
You can see what other people have to say about a topic.
A personal network is something about you,
A learning network is about how other people learn.
Mrs. Jorae
10/11/2011 03:30:25 pm

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